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RD4040 Reflow Vapor Phase System

The RD4040 convinces by the modern and compact design, combined with established and reliable technology. The machine offers a large working area within a compact footprint. Features include automatic soldering control via a user friendly, color touch screen interface.

The compact and valuable 2-chamber design offers optimal accesibility and lowest possible process fluid consumption.
The product handling takes place through an aluminum work piece carrier, which offers a grid-type support for the printec circuit boards or soldering applications. Optional there is an adapter with lanes (rail-type support) for placement of double sided boards available.

The fluid monitoring and filtering system supplements the RD4040 to a reliable production machine, which finds its field of application in soldering and production of small and mid series ranges.

+ Only 2-3kWh power consumption during production
+ Oxygen-free soldering without Nitrogen

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Standard equipment / features:

  • HMI touch screen
  • Sensor controlled solder automatic
  • Modern heat-level regulation
  • Program storage
  • Level 3 password protection
  • 2-chamber design
  • Medium recovery
  • Energy management system
  • Integrated cooling station for board cooling
  • Observation window to process chamber
  • Prepared for connecting a extraction-system
  • Automatic fluid level monitoring through fluid auxiliary tank


  • Adapter for work piece carrier for soldering of double sided circuit boards
  • Small meshed grid for the work piece carrier
  • Cooling device, air-cooled water re-cooling system
  • VP measurement system to record PCB thermal profiles, wireless system with 6 channels
  • Exhaust fan
  • Butterfly valve for the exhaust system


Good accesibility

Comfortable loading and unloading area

Colored 5“ HMI touch panel