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Who is developing the machines?

The machines are developed in American-German cooperation. This allows the different experiences and customer needs to be better integrated.

Where will the machines be built?

The RD4040 is built in Germany and the USA. The Smartphase series is currently only produced in Germany.

According to which safety standards are the machines built?

The machines are built according to the European CE standard. UL certification can be reviewed on request.

Who maintains the machines?

In America, the machines are maintained directly by R&D. In Europe, this is done by the sales partners who have been trained on the machines. You will find the contact person responsible for them under Contacts.

What liquid is used to produce the vapor and is it dangerous?

We recommend the use of Galden. Galden® LS/HS is a line of fully fluorinated fluids specifically designed for the Vapor Phase Soldering process. The narrow molecular weight distribution as well as the very strong carbon-fluorine bond and the flexible ether link provide the properties which make Galden® LS/HS ideal for use in VPS.
The liquids are not dangerous or harmful in any way.

What connections, supplies do the machines need?

The machines need a power and water connection. It is advisable to fit an extraction on the machine.
Nitrogen and compressed air are not required. You can obtain the exact data from your responsible distributor.

How much energy do I need to run a vapor phase machine?

Vapor phase soldering requires about 70%-80% less energy than a conventional convection oven. The great advantage of the vapor phase is that we heat the liquid once and then keep it at temperature. This allows us to significantly reduce energy consumption.

Can I overheat and damage my components?

There is no risk of overheating. The maximum process temperature is equal to the boiling point of the liquid used. Temperature varies between 200*C and 260*C. We exploit the chemical and physical properties of the soldering medium and can thus safely prevent overheating.

Is the soldering process oxygen-free?

Yes, the process is an oxygen free. The fluid starts to evaporate and creates and inert atmosphere.
Inert means “chemically inactive”. It is an environment in which powder bed fusion can take place without the risk of contamination from reactive gases such as oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Do I need nitrogen?

No, due to our soldering process being oxygen-free there is no need for nitrogen.

Where can I get more information?

Feel free to send us an email or give us a call. Contact information can be found under “Contacts”