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Inline Vapor Phase Machine

The SmartPhase-Series combines the established vapor phase technology with a modern design and offers a fully automatic line operation in the field of SMT- and Module-productions. Due to the modular construction inclusive the separate cooling zone these soldering machines are reaching a very high productivity, which can be doubled by the possible available dual lane version. The product handling in the process area takes place by pin chain conveyors.

Further the SmartPhase-Series convinces by the new developed process control and monitoring systems. The Active Vapor Regulation (AVR) offers targeted and repeatable control of the temperature gradients und solder profiles. The sensor-controlled system is characterized by the simple and precise process parameters, which considerably simplify the process setup. In addition the systems are equipped with an automatic process window monitoring which is with the help of installed thermocouples checking the temperature profiles during the production.

Due to other systems to support the ease of maintenance and lowering of the running costs the soldering machines are considered as high-quality and high engineered reflow soldering machines, designated for the integration into automated production lines.

+ Only 5-8kWh power consumption during production
+ Oxygen-free soldering without Nitrogen

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Standard equipment / features:

  • 21,5“ HMI Touch-Widescreen
  • Software-PLC with Windows10-Industry-PC
  • Network-capable, intuitive and simple machine operation and data management
  • Separate cooling zone with powerful bottom side cooling for product cooling
  • AVR Active Vapor Regulation Modern and reliable process control
  • Modular system, closed process chamber with units for medium recovery
  • Process fluid monitoring and filtering systems
  • Process window monitoring
  • Energy management system
  • Process-value- and product-status
  • Alarm- und eventlog
  • Login- and user-manager, password protection
  • Integrated exhaust-systems


  • VP measurement system to record PCB thermal profiles, wireless system with 6 channels
  • Traceability-extensions (Hermes-interface, Scanner-systems)
  • Various extensions for the filter system
  • Fast cooling system (for soldering area)
  • Mid support for the soldering and cooling area
  • UPS, uninterruptible power supply
  • Redundant sensor system for extended process monitoring
  • Cooling device, air-cooled water re-cooling system


Good accesibility

Modern machine control concept

Production monitoring

Single- or dual-lane